Roller Ski Australia

We want to give the opportunity to people who don’t live near the snow to learn how to ski on roller skis. Roller skis are mini cross-country skis with wheels and roller skiing is a fun, low impact activity that gives you a full body workout! Roller skiing is for everyone and we want to see more people in Australia enjoy this amazing and fun sport! Roller Ski Australia is your one stop shop for roller ski gear in Australia – high quality gear at competitive prices.

About Us

We are both originally from Norway and as they say in Norway, we are born with skis on our feet. We have been cross-country skiing all our life and after moving to Australia we decided to follow our passion for skiing and started Roller Ski Australia in 2013. We strive to be the very best coaches, providing exceptional customer service with a personal touch. We tailor our lessons to the individuals levels and needs so that everyone has a great experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread our passion for cross-country skiing through roller skiing in Australia. Our goal is to share knowledge and awareness about the sport and get more people into roller skiing. We will teach people how to ski without the snow!

Give it a go! Get Fit - Start Roller Skiing